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Corporate secretary

Kristina Galkina

First appointed as Corporate secretary in 2016.

She was born in 1978.

In 2000 she graduated from the Moscow State University of Railway Engineering with major in "Industrial and civil construction";

In 2007, she studied at the Higher School of Economics on the course "Corporate secretary";

In 2016, she trained under the "Corporate secretary"  program  in the Institute of Stock Market and Management (ISMM).

Work experience:

2016 – through the present: Corporate governance director of PJSC TransContainer

2016 - through the present: Deputy head of the Corporate Governance unit of PJSC TransContainer

2014 - 2016: Secretary of the Management board of PJSC TransContainer

2012 - 2016: Secretary of the Strategic commitee of PJSC TransContainer

Other positions currently held: Member of the board of the All-Russian Public organization "National Association of Corporate Secretaries"

Citizenship: Russian

She doesn't have any shares or bonds of the Company.

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