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19 Feb 2014

Press Release on Decisions Adopted by the Board of Directors on 19 February 2014

On 19th February 2014 the Board of Directors of JSC TransContainer held an in-person meeting and decided:

1.     Due to the amendments to the Federal Act "On Joint Stock Companies", related with the term and order the payment of dividends to approve the Regulations on Dividend Policy of JSC "TransContainer" in the new edition.

2.     To take note the report on the implementation of decisions of the Company’s Board of Directors for Q4 2013.

3.     To approve the membership of JSC TransContainer in the Organization for Cooperation of Railways as an Acceded entity.

4.     To take note general Director's report on the implementation of recommendations by the Company’s Internal Audit Commission following the audit of the Company’s performance in 2012.

5.     To approve a number of interested-party transactions.

JSC TransContainer
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Yu.B. Gelfer
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