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10 Oct 2014

TransContainer launched a new block train on the route Dobra (Slovakia) - Vorsino (Industrial park in vicinity of Kaluga)

TransContainer in cooperation with South-Korean company HTNS and European logistic provider JTC launches a new block train on the route Dobra (Slovakia) - Vorsino (Industrial park in vicinity of Kaluga). The first 57 wagon train with the cargo shipped to Samsung Electronics plant was launched on October, 6, 2014 and reached its’ destination on October, 9, 2014.
Time en route is 3 days with the distance traveled 1637 km. The estimated frequency of trains is 2-3 per month.
Test launches  on this route confirmed competitiveness by Freight passing from one country to another through a third country. Whether cargo is permitted to transit a certain country and under what terms is subject to trade agreements and treaties between countries. Direct transit is when foreign goods are shipped under tariff protection, without holding at a customs warehouse; indirect transit is when goods arrive at customs warehouses and are then transported abroad.
time and cost criteria of the railroad-based transportation if compared with truck transportations from Central & South Europe.


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