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18 Apr 2014

TransContainer and Pacific Intermodal Container launched new block train on the route Vladivostok - Ekaterinburg

JSC TransContainer jointly with LLC Pacific Intermodal  Transportation equipment for shipping cargo via various means of transport. Containers are durable enough for repeated use and can be stacked. Containers are divided into medium-duty (three- and five-tonne), which conform to former Soviet Union standards and are still used for shipments in Russia and the CIS, and ISO (20- and 40-foot) containers, which are used for Russian and international shipments. The universal standard unit TEU (twenty-foot equivalent unit) was introduced to measure transport flow volumes.
 launched new regular container train on the route Ugolnaya station of the Dalnevostochny railway to the Ekaterinburg-Tovarny station of the Sverdlovskaya railway.

The first train consisting of various cargo types comprised from the Company's own railcars with estimated length of 71 railcars departed from the Ugolnaya station on 31 March 2014 to the Ekaterinburg-Tovarny destination point. Today this service is provided on the regular basis. The estimated time of the route is 8 days.

This service alllows clients for fast delivery of cargo to Ekaterinburg. The block train service allows to sufficiently minimise the time of delivery from the Asia-Pacific regio to the European part of Russia. 

China, Korea and Japan possess enough container fleet that can provide sufficient cargo shipment on the whole railway networks of Russian Federation and the CIS without overweight.

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