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28 Nov 2013

Annual Report and Corporate Web-Site Among the Leaders in Transportation

On 27 November 2013 III Annual Contest of annual reports and corporate web-sites in transportation took place held by Novaya Versta organised by the Gudok newspaper and Pult Upravleniya magazine.

The main objectives of the contest are to share the leading experiences in disclosure of information, develop the level of disclosure and forming investment growth in transportation for specific companies and transportation segment as a whole. 

The contest was held among 53 companies in segment of A form of payment for sea transportation of cargo, or the use of a ship for a certain period of time. Freight payment is determined by the volume of cargo delivered to the destination
or by the volume of cargo loaded onto the ship.
and passenger transportation, infrastructure and service provision, equipment and products for transportation segment, transport construction and leasing.

JSC Transcontainer was named the winner in a number of nominations:

1. Best information disclosure in the annual report of the freight company;
2. Best investor information disclosure on the web-site.

Among this, TransContainer took II place in the main nomination of the contest - Best Complex Presentation of the Company. 

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