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31 Aug 2016

TransContainer took an anniversary order

PJSC TransContainer has accepted the 10-millionth (from the Company’s establishment) order for Transportation equipment for shipping cargo via various means of transport. Containers are durable enough for repeated use and can be stacked. Containers are divided into medium-duty (three- and five-tonne), which conform to former Soviet Union standards and are still used for shipments in Russia and the CIS, and ISO (20- and 40-foot) containers, which are used for Russian and international shipments. The universal standard unit TEU (twenty-foot equivalent unit) was introduced to measure transport flow volumes.
transportation. It is symbolic that the order via iSales on-line store – an exclusive product of PJSC TransContainer – is made in year when the Company celebrates its 10th anniversary. The customer, who made the order, got a 50% discount for the service.

iSales service was developed in 2013 and it allows customers to calculate cost of services, arrange cargo transportation in containers on-line, monitor status of the order fulfillment and dislocation of the container, review archive of orders executed in the personal account.

Besides iSales on-line store the loyal customers of the Company have an access to comprehensive customer portal where they can make requests and receive rates calculation, make orders for A form of payment for sea transportation of cargo, or the use of a ship for a certain period of time. Freight payment is determined by the volume of cargo delivered to the destination
or by the volume of cargo loaded onto the ship.
forwarding service, review shipping information, details of the current contract, history of the orders fulfilled, control over flow of funds on the current account, receive bills for payment, certificates about works performed, account reconciliation statements and invoices, and all that – worldwide. The customer portal allows carrying out paperless document circulation by receiving and signing accounting documents with electronic signature.

The sales channels of PJSC TransContainer base on the inner centrally directed system of sales and production automation, thus the customer works under single contract and rates and receive “through” service throughout the entire territory of PJSC TransContainer’s presence. Every day the system processes up to 5 000 orders and serves about 2 500 customers. In August 2016 the orders executed via PJSC TransContainer’s electronic sales channels accounted for almost 50% of all the orders. 

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