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22 Sep 2014

TransContainer launched a new block train on the route Saint Petersburg - Krasnoyarsk

JSC TransContainer launches a new Transportation equipment for shipping cargo via various means of transport. Containers are durable enough for repeated use and can be stacked. Containers are divided into medium-duty (three- and five-tonne), which conform to former Soviet Union standards and are still used for shipments in Russia and the CIS, and ISO (20- and 40-foot) containers, which are used for Russian and international shipments. The universal standard unit TEU (twenty-foot equivalent unit) was introduced to measure transport flow volumes.
train on the route Saint Petersburg - Krasnoyarsk. The first 71-wagon train with consumer goods was launched on September 20, 2014 from the terminal station of Saint Petersburg-Tovarniy-Vitebskiy to destination Bazaikha of the Krasnoyarsk Railway. Time en route is 5 days with the distance traveled 4500 km. The estimated frequency of trains is 2-3 per month. Next train on this route is schedulled for October 13, 2014.
Containers of any owners are welcome.
The proposed service will allow customers not only to significantly reduce the Freight passing from one country to another through a third country. Whether cargo is permitted to transit a certain country and under what terms is subject to trade agreements and treaties between countries. Direct transit is when foreign goods are shipped under tariff protection, without holding at a customs warehouse; indirect transit is when goods arrive at customs warehouses and are then transported abroad.
time, but also to ensure of cagro's safety.

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