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01 Sep 2016

TransContainer and Glovis have dispatched the first train from Vostochny port to Shushary station

On September 1st, 2016 PJSC TransContainer together with the South Korean company Hyundai Glovis (The process of organising a chain of delivery, and managing that chain in the broadest sense. This chain may encompass both deliveries of raw materials needed for production and management of material resources at an enterprise, delivery to warehouses and distribution centres, sorting, handling, and final distribution at the points of consumption. In the context of transportation services, the main service is that of delivering cargo across a delivery route.
subdivision of Hyundai Kia Automotive Group) launched the first block train from Vostochny port to Shushary station of Oktyabrskaya railway. The train transports auto parts for the Russian plant of  Hyundai Motor company - Hyundai Motor Manufacturing Rus.

The train will deliver 50 40-foot containers (100 TEU) with auto parts which were dispatched by sea from Busan port (Korea). The estimated time en-route from Vostochny port to the destination station is 10 days.

PJSC TransContainer provides integrated service on cargo transportation including supply of containers from the depot in Busan port and organization on delivery on the sea leg. On a regular basis the customer receives information about status of the order fulfillment and the containers dislocation.

“Fast delivery and high-level service are the key factors for choosing a long-term partner for organization of auto part transportation for automotive groups of companies. Thanks to the skills acquired through the years of experience our Company provides each of its customers with a high-level logistics service and custom-tailored approach” – stated Dmitry Bulaienko, Director for Sales and Commerce.


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