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21 Oct 2013

Results of the Extraordinary General Shareholders’ Meeting

On 21 October 2013, JSC TransContainer (“TransContainer” or the “Company”) (LSE: TRCN) announces the results of its Extraordinary General Meeting of shareholders (“EGM”), held today.

The EGM voted on the following resolutions:

1. The resolution on the early termination of the powers of the current members of the Company's Board of Directors was not passed.

2. The voting results on electing new members to the Board of Directors is not provided since the decision to terminate the powers of the current Board members was not resolved.

3. An agreement on insurance of Directors’ and Officers’ liability, as well as other forms of insurance (insurance of vehicles against damage, insurance of real estate, voluntary medical insurance of employees and their children, civil liability of OJSC TransContainer as an owner of production facility, vehicles and temporary storage warehouses/customs warehouses, etc.) was approved as interested-party transactions as defined under Russian law.

JSC TransContainer

Corporate Secretary

Yu.B. Helfer

Tel. +7 (495) 788-17-17, ext. 1029

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