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22 Nov 2012

Press Release on Decisions Adopted by the Board of Directors on 21 November 2012

On 21 November 2012 the Board of Directors of JSC TransContainer held an in-person meeting and decided:
1. To approve the budget of TransContainer for 2013 – 2015.
2. To approve the beneficent aid for:
2.1. State-Funded Educational Institution of the City of Moscow “Special Elementary School – Kindergarten of Type V No. 1708” to acquire a set of equipment for children suffering from constitutional speech pathology associated with organic central lesion in the amount of 1,000,000 rubles;
2.2. Charity Oncologic Children Foundation “Romashka” to treat children in the amount of 1,552,800 rubles;
2.3. Charity Foundation “Rasprav Krylia” to hold New Year parties for children in orphan asylums and boarding schools in the amount of 4,000,000 rubles;
2.4. recondition the faсade of the Church of Transfiguration of the Savior in Bogorodskoe in the amount of 500,000 rubles;
2.5. Sergiev Posad Boarding School for Mentally Challenged Children Berezka at the rate of  of four 5-ton containers as financial aid;
2.6. The 34 employees of TransContainer who raise disabled children including persons disabled since childhood in the amount of 50,000 rubles per child;
2.7. The employees of TransContainer supporting families with many children (overall, 43 families with 138 children) in the amount of 25,000 rubles per child$
2.8. Hockey Club Lokomotiv in the amount of 30,000 rubles/
3. To approve a number of loan agreements and interested-party transactions.
4. To take note: of the information on monitoring of implementation of the Regulations for Incentives of Managers of TransContainer and the Regulations for Long-Term Incentive Program for Employees of TransContainer; of activities of affiliates and subsidiaries of TransContainer in Half Year I, 2012; of the report on implementation of decisions of the Board of Directors of TransContainer for Quarter 3, 2012.


JSC TransContainer
Corporate Secretary
Yu.B. Helfer
Tel. +7 (495) 788-17-17, ext. 1029


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