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19 Mar 2015

Press Release on Decisions Adopted by the Board of Directors on 18 March 2015

On 18 March 2015, a meeting of the Board of Directors of TransContainer PJSC was held, and the following decisions were made:

1. To approve of financing of the investment program of PJSC TransContainer for Quarters II-IV, 2015.

2. To take into consideration the report on the execution of the plan of measures on critical risks for the Quarter IV, 2014.

3. To approve of the alienation of the property complex of Gryazi Transportation equipment for shipping cargo via various means of transport. Containers are durable enough for repeated use and can be stacked. Containers are divided into medium-duty (three- and five-tonne), which conform to former Soviet Union standards and are still used for shipments in Russia and the CIS, and ISO (20- and 40-foot) containers, which are used for Russian and international shipments. The universal standard unit TEU (twenty-foot equivalent unit) was introduced to measure transport flow volumes.

4. To approve of rendering the single charitable support to employee of PJSC TransContainer in the amount of 313,200 roubles.

5. To approve of the charitable support to the veterans of the World War II registered in the branch of PJSC TransContainer in the South-Eastern Railway, for the repair of dwelling premises in order to increase its level of improvement in the amount of 661,183 rubles.

6. To approve several interested party transactions.

Corporate Secretary

of TransContainer PJSC

O.A. Miller

Tel.: +7 (495) 788-17-17, ext. 1017

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