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19 Feb 2015

Press Release on Decisions Adopted by the Board of Directors on 18 February 2015

On 18 February 2015, a meeting of the Board of Directors of TransContainer PJSC was held, and the following decisions were made:

1. To approve the mid-term adjustment program of PJSC TransContainer for the period till 2017.

2. To approve the A schedule is the basis of a smooth train journey. It unites the operations of all railway
departments on which freight and passenger deliveries depend. Schedules are used in all countries of the world in which freight trains operate and are created with the help of computers, which are used to control schedule fulfilment.
of activities to prepare and to hold the Annual General Meeting of the Shareholders of PJSC TransContainer according to the results of 2014.

3. To take into account the report on the execution of the decisions of the Board of the Directors of the Company for the 4 quarter 2014.

4. To take into account the Director General's report on the implementation of the recommendations of the Audit Commission of the PJSC "TransContainer" by the results of the audit of the Company for 2013.

5. To take into account the information about execution of Work plan of Internal Audit Service in PJSC TransContainer for 2014.

6. To approve the deal of disposal of immovable property of PJSC TransContainer at market value, determined by an independent appraiser.

7. To approve rendering of the charitable support to the parish of the church dedicated to the martyr St. John the Warrior of Chelyabinsk Diocese of the Russian Orthodox Church in the form of a donation of two 20-foot containers excluded from the inventory.

8. To approve rendering the targeted charity support for the employee of the branch of PJSC TransContainer on Oktyabrskaya railway for the expensive surgery in the amount of 70,180 roubles.

9. To approve several interested party transactions.

10. To determine the position of PJSC TransContainer in deciding by the sole sharer of Logistic Investment S. à r.l. on alienation of shares of Logistic System Management B.V (approval of the transaction for the disposal of 50% stake Logistic System Management B.V aimed at termination of the indirect control (through the legal entities controlled by the Company) of JSC "Kedentrasservis" (share of the Company through controlled entities is 50%)).

11. To approve appointment of the member of the Executive Board of JSC "TransContainer" Markov V.N. as the member of the Executive Board of JSC "United transportation and The process of organising a chain of delivery, and managing that chain in the broadest sense. This chain may encompass both deliveries of raw materials needed for production and management of material resources at an enterprise, delivery to warehouses and distribution centres, sorting, handling, and final distribution at the points of consumption. In the context of transportation services, the main service is that of delivering cargo across a delivery route.
company" for a period of one year.


Corporate Secretary 

of TransContainer PJSC 

O.A. Miller 

Tel.: +7 (495) 788-17-17, ext. 1017

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