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19 Jan 2017

Press Release on Decisions Adopted by EGM on 19 January 2017

PJSC TransContainer (“TransContainer” or the “Company”) (LSE: TRCN) announces that all resolutions were passed at its Extraordinary General Shareholders’ Meeting, held today, 19 January 2017.

The EGM comprised the following resolutions:

1. The early termination of the Board of Directors;

2. The election of the following persons to the Company’s Board of Directors:

1.      Andrey Krasnoslavovich Starkov

2.      Irina Alexandrovna Kostenets

3.      Sergey Lvovich Tugarinov

4.      Andrey Victrovich Tonkikh

5.      Yuri Victorovich Novozhilov

6.      Alexander Alexandrovich Panchenko;

7.      Leila Mammed Zade

8.      Steven Hellman

9.      Irina Sergeevna Shytkina

10.  Peter Lloyd O’Brien

11.  Richard Andreas Werner

Short biographies of the new members of the Board of Directors are set out below:

Andrey Krasnoslavovich Starkov

Year of birth: 1969


·         Moscow Textile Institute$ Moscow State University for Economics, Statistics and Informatics

Professional experience over the last 5 years:

·         2011-2015: Corporate Secretary, Russian Railways

·         2015-2016: Senior Advisor to President, Russian Railways

·         Since 2016 – Executive vice-president, Russian Railways

Steven Hellman   

Year of birth: 1964


·         California University, Ph.D (Law). 

Professional experience over the last 5 years:

·         2010-2016: Managing Director, Regional Director - Russia and the CIS, Credit Suisse Group AG

·         Since 2016: Member of the Board of Directors, FESCO

·         Since 2016: Member of the Board of Directors, Bank Zenit

·         Since 2016: Member of the Board of Directors, Dixy Group


Kristina Galkina,

Corporate Secretary

+7 (495) 788-17-17, ext. 1378

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