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31 Jul 2012

Press release on Decision of the Board of Directors at 30th of July 2012

On 30 July 2012, the Board of Directors of JSC TransContainer (TRCN) (the “Company”) approved the agreement on the purchase and sale of immovable property (the “Premises”) from LLC Ladya River for RUB 2,142,936,100 (the “Agreement”). In accordance with the decision taken by the Board of Directors of the Company on 11 June 2008 (Minutes No. 21), the Company entered into a preliminary agreement for the purchase and sale of the Premises on 1 August 2008. At the present time, the seller of the Premises has met all the conditions for entering into the Agreement, including receipt of certificates of ownership for the Premises, and the Company intends to enter into the Agreement in the near future.

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