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23 Apr 2015

PJSC TransContainer reports its Financial Results under Russian Accounting Standards for the 1st quarter of 2015

In the first quarter of 2015 the total revenue of the Company increased by 18.7% year on year to RUR 9,986 million, while the adjusted  revenue (total revenue less subcontractors’ fees under the integrated A form of payment for sea transportation of cargo, or the use of a ship for a certain period of time. Freight payment is determined by the volume of cargo delivered to the destination
or by the volume of cargo loaded onto the ship.
forwarding and The process of organising a chain of delivery, and managing that chain in the broadest sense. This chain may encompass both deliveries of raw materials needed for production and management of material resources at an enterprise, delivery to warehouses and distribution centres, sorting, handling, and final distribution at the points of consumption. In the context of transportation services, the main service is that of delivering cargo across a delivery route.
services) grew by 5.2% to RUR 5,108 million respectively. Operating profit decreased by 31.5% to RUR 845 million. EBITDA contracted to RUR 1,510 million from RUR 2,171 million in the first quarter of 2014 while the Company’s net profit decreased to RUR 518 million from RUR 1,068 million respectively.

Company’s total assets were RUR 44,834 million as of 31 March 2015 while the total debt was RUR 5,840 million. The net debt (the total debt less cash, cash equivalents and short-term investments) was RUR 3,056 million, down 28.5% as compared to the net debt amount as of 31 December 2014.

The Companys financial results were negatively affected by the unfavorable Russian rail transportation market environment amid the continuing economic slowdown.

Company’s transportation volumes during the reporting period grew by 0.7% to 352 thousand TEU

TransContainer’s financial accounts for the first quarter of 2015 under Russian Аccounting Standards are available at




            About TransContainer

PJSC TransContainer was established in 2006 as a 100% subsidiary of OJSC Russian Railways.  

            Nowadays TransContainer is the leading intermodal Transportation equipment for shipping cargo via various means of transport. Containers are durable enough for repeated use and can be stacked. Containers are divided into medium-duty (three- and five-tonne), which conform to former Soviet Union standards and are still used for shipments in Russia and the CIS, and ISO (20- and 40-foot) containers, which are used for Russian and international shipments. The universal standard unit TEU (twenty-foot equivalent unit) was introduced to measure transport flow volumes.
transportation company in Russia. It owns and operates 46 rail container terminals throughout Russia, operates the A place equipped for the trans-shipment and storage of containers. A container terminal
typically includes one or more container yards. Rail-based container terminals are equipped with spur tracks for loading and unloading containers to/from railroad platforms (cars).
container terminal
Dobra in Slovakia and controls 50% of the capital in JSC KedenTransService – a leading A legal entity or individual entrepreneur owning wagons and containers, or possessing them on any other basis, that participates, pursuant to a contract with a carrier, in the carriage process using the aforementioned cars and containers.
of Cars for carrying cargo or passengers designated for railway transportation.
rolling stock
and terminal network in Kazakhstan
. TransContainer is also the largest A specialised type of rolling stock designed to carry ISO containers.
fleet owner and operator in Russia, CIS and Baltic states. It owns and operates about 27,000 flatcars and more than 64,000 ISO containers.

            The Company’s major shareholders are JSC UTLC with 50%+2 shares, FESCO Transportation group with 24.17% of share capital, Transfingroup Asset Management (manager of pension assets of Blagosostoyanie Non-State Pension Fund) with 7.32% of the share capital, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development with 9.25% of the share capital. 

            TransContainer is listed at the Moscow Exchange and LSE.


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