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26 Dec 2013

Bonds Series 04 Included in quotation list A1 on Moscow Exchange

On 25 December 2013 Moscow Exchange approved inclusion of JSC TransContainer bonds series 04 in quotation list A1 in effect from 27 December 2013. 

List A1 consists of the companies with the most liquid stock with stable financial position, high level of corporate governance and international credit rating. Pension funds and insurance companies have the right to buy stock not less then A1 level in quotation list.

Inclusion of the Company's bonds in A1 list makes them accessable to a wide range of investors and has positive impact on the stock's liquidity.

Certified non-convertible bonds of JSC TransContainer payable to the bearer with obligatory centralised custody series 04 (registered number 4-04-55194-Е) with nominal value 5 000 000 000 rubles (by par) and 5-year maturity were placed on 1 February 2013. Coupon rate is set at 8.35% p.a.

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