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Corporate Disclosure

We stringently follow the requirements for information disclosure imposed by the law and regulatory authorities in the Russian Federation and Great Britain.

Our information disclosure policy is also aimed at protecting the rights and legitimate interests of shareholders and increasing credibility levels in our relationships with our shareholders, creditors, investors and other interested persons.

The main principles of our information disclosure policy are:

  • regularity and timeliness of information: 
  • reliability and completeness of information;
  • availability of disclosed information;
  • neutrality of information disclosure;
  • reasonable balance between the transparency and commercial interests.

Our corporate disclosure standards:

  • Publishing the company's annual report and annual financial statements, prepared in accordance with RAS together with an audit opinion, as well as our annual and interim IFRS financial statements together with an audit opinion in cases required by applicable securities regulations.
  • Disclosing a list of our affiliated persons on a quarterly basis.
  • Disclosing other information as required by applicable securities law.

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