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Please find below the actual basic documentation that sets out the principles for the various activities of PJSC TransContainer in chronological order.
The previous versions of the documents can be reached here>

22.06.2017 Regulation on the Board of Directors of PJSC TransContainer226 Kb
22.06.2017 Regulation on the GM Preparation procedure211 Kb
07.04.2017 Policy on Shareholding of the members of Board of Directors of PJSC TransContainer268 Kb
23.12.2016 Corporate's Governance Code516 Kb
23.12.2016 Corporate's Code of Ethics328 Kb
23.12.2016 Regulation on Information Policy308 Kb
23.12.2016 Policy on Internal Control 281 Kb
16.11.2016 Statement of Insider Information of PJSC TransContainer359 Kb
22.06.2017 Amendments to the Regulations for Payment of Remuneration and Compensations to JSC TransContainer BoD Members134 Kb
28.06.2016 Regulations for Payment of Remuneration and Compensations to PJSC TransContainer BoD Members112 Kb
14.06.2016 Regulations on the HR and Remuneration Committee of PJSC TransContainer (new edition)236 Kb
14.06.2016 Regulations on the Strategy Committee of PJSC TransContainer (new edition)262 Kb
14.06.2016 Regulations on the Audit Committee of PJSC TransContainer (new edition)234 Kb
25.05.2016 Regulations on the Corporate Secretary of PJSC TransContainer122 Kb
17.05.2016 Regulation on Internal Audit Service PJSC TransContainer79 Kb
20.01.2016 Anti-corruption policy of PJSC TransContainer180 Kb
18.11.2015 The Provision on the assessment of activity of the Board of Directors and committees of the Board of Directors of the public joint-stock company TransContainer1.5 Mb
18.11.2015 Regulation on the Credit policy of PJSC TransContainer for 2016 - 2018258 Kb
01.01.2015 PJSC TransContainers' standart for client service434 Kb
06.11.2014 Regulation on the Management Board of PJSC TransContainer134 Kb
06.11.2014 Regulation on General Director of PJSC TransContainer58 Kb
19.02.2014 Dividend Policy of JSC TransContainer (updated)243 Kb
18.12.2013 Concept of Corporate Risk Management System of “TransContainer” OJSC150 Kb
18.12.2013 Corporate Risk Management System Policy “TransContainer” OJSC302 Kb
18.12.2013 Regulations on formation and execution of the budget of the "TransContainer" OJSC80 Kb
17.07.2013 Amendments to JSC TransContainer Corporate Governance Code51 Kb
21.11.2013 Program of input briefing for the newly elected members of the Board of Directors of OJSC TransContainer23 Kb
09.12.2012 Regulations on the Credit Policy of JSC «TransContainer» for 2013 — 2015136 Kb
26.06.2012 Regulation on Payment of Remunerations and Compensations to the Members of the Revision Commission47 Kb
17.02.2010 Provision on OJSC TransContainer charity support83 Kb
20.01.2010 Policy for provision of charitable assistance of JSC TransContainer43 Kb
07.09.2009 Policy on External Auditor Rotation and Relationships to the extent of non‐auditing services. Competitive Selection of External Auditor under RAS and IFRS75 Kb
25.12.2006 Regulations on Revision Commission Joint-Stock Company "Centre for Cargo Container Traffic "TransContainer"248 Kb

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