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We have been assigned credit ratings and corporate government ratings by the most reputable international and Russian rating agencies.

Currently our ratings are as follows:

Credit ratings

Rating Agency Rating level Date of assignment 
Fitch Ratings ВВ+, Outlook: Stable18.03.2016 
Moody's Investors Service Ltd Ba3, Outlook: Stable14.03.2016 

Corporate governance ratings

Rating nameRating Agency Rating level Date of assignment 
GAMMA ratingStandard & Poor’s 6, Withdrawn09.09.2011 
National corporate governance ratingRID819.11.2014 

Corporate governance assessments

Corporate governance assessment by EY, 2013

In order to analyze OJSC Transcontainer (hereinafter – the Company) corporate governance compliance with the requirements of Russian regulating authorities and leading practice Ernst and Young (CIS) B.V., Moscow branch, has performed corporate governance assessment of the Company in 2013. Based on the  results of the assessment the Company demonstrates sustainable processes and practice of corporate governance, meets the requirements of Russian regulatory authorities (including the requirements of Russian Law “On joint-stock company”, the majority recommendations of FSMC Corporate Code of Conduct and the majority requirements of listing rules of CJSC MICEX Stock Exchange), and also applies some examples of corporate governance leading practice (in particular UK Corporate Governance Code, OECD Principles of Corporate Governance, IGGN Principles of Corporate Governance, Draft Corporate Governance Code of Bank of Russia Service on Financial Market).

Abovementioned information on Transcontainer corporate governance assessment  was not planned or conducted in contemplation, or for the purpose, of the use by 3rd parties and Ernst and Young (CIS) B.V., Moscow branch did not have the interests of any 3rd party in contemplation when it prepared this assessment.

Therefore, items of possible interest or risk to third parties may not have been specifically addressed. Ernst and Young (CIS) B.V., Moscow branch does not warrant or represent that the disclosed information is sufficient or even appropriate for purposes of any third party. 

Neither person, except for the Transcontainer, may make any decisions or action on the basis of this information. The Transcontainer is sole responsible for their decisions relating to the disclosed information including any liability towards any third parties


Rating history, Fitch Ratings 

Date of assignment Rating level, outlook/Rating Watch
05.02.2009 "ВВ+",  "Negative" 
22.01.2010 "ВВ+", "Stable" 
28.10.2010 "ВВ+", "Stable" 
21.04.2011 "ВВ+", Rating Watch Negative 
19.04.2012"ВВ+", "Negative"
23.10.2012"ВВ+", "Negative"
21.02.2013"ВВ+" (for series 04 bonds)
04.12.2013"ВВ+", "Stable"
17.06.2015"ВВ+", "Stable"
18.03.2016"ВВ+", "Stable"

Rating history, Moody’s Investors Service Ltd

Date of assignment Rating level, outlook 
18.02.2009 Ba2, "Stable" 
14.08.2009 Ba2, "Stable"/Rating is set for review with possible reduction 
18.02.2010 Ba2, "Negative" 
19.05.2011 Ba3, "Stable" 
03.10.2013Ba3, "Positive"
16.03.2015Ba3, "Stable"
14.03.2016Ba3, "Stable"

History of TransContainer’s corporate governance ratings 

2008 2009 2010 2011 2012-20132014-2015
GAMMA rating (Standard & Poor’s) 5+ 666
National corporate governance rating (RID) 66+77+7+8

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